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Nanami Miyachi

Founder & CEO

Born in Tokyo. After graduating from Keio University (SFC), Nanami entered a major brokerage firm. She then worked as a management consultant in America and Japan, and later as an executive in an artificial intelligence startup, after which she founded Eighty Days.

Ayako Uragami

PR & Marketing Manager (JP)

Ayako initially worked in setting up businesses for a major educational publisher in Japan. She then later on worked in engaging fundraisers aimed to support children around the world as well as being actively working as PR both locally and abroad.

Shoji Kasugai

Tour Planner

As a travel journalist familiar with the deep and hidden aspects of Japan, Shoji has worked to create travel plans in Eighty Days. He also writes photo-based articles and interview pieces for news outlets including the Sunday Mainichi and the Weekly Economist.

Ciara Blount

Travel Designer

Born in rural Vermont and raised in New York City. Graduated from Fordham University and moved to Japan where she developed dual careers in voice work and tourism. Announcer for West Japan Railway and enthusiastic promoter of rural Japan’s undeniable charms.

Marisa McKnight

Sales & Marketing Manager (Int.)

Marisa is from the United States. After graduating from the University of Texas, and after working at the world’s largest asset management company in Tokyo, took part in Eighty Days. In charge of overseas business sales and marketing, mainly in the U.S., Australia and Europe.

Hiroyuki Nakamura

IT Manager

Developed web services during his university days. Engaged in R&D, network establishment, as well as the development of internal services in a local bioinformatics venture company, after graduating with a Master degree in Bioinformatics.

Gonzague Gay-Bouchery

Videographer & Web Designer

Born in France, recieved in 2008 the Power50 Award, as the 50 most influential people in technology alongside Steve Jobs, Steve Balmer… Gonzague fully embrace his passion for filmaking and documentary making since 2015 as a professional videographer aiming to promote Japan one video at a time!

Our Story

Inspired & Passionate Travelers

As the world population reaches 7.6 billion, the problems brought forth by overpopulation are coming to a head. Meanwhile, economically advanced countries are experiencing declining populations and birth rates, with Japan standing at the forefront of this trend.

Japan’s ancient streetscapes and natural environment have managed to maintain their beauty to the present day by coexisting with their inhabitants. But this ancient coexistence is beginning to fray. The Japanese country side is now dotted with abandoned houses, and without young people to pass them down to, it’s cultural traditions face a crisis of succession.

At the same time as Japan’s population has continued to fall, the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan has increased five-fold in the last six years. We here at Eighty Days saw this as an opportunity to harness the power of Japan’s growing number of tourists to make a contribution to Japan’s regional revitalization efforts.

In 2017 we were accredited as a Yunus Social Business Company.

Our Vision

Journeys worth taking

We envision a world in which tourism can promote positive change for both travellers coming from afar and the locals who welcome them.


We aim to develop tourism in impoverished regions of Japan to help stimulate economic activity and promote exchange of culture and ideas.


– We’ll guide you through the beautiful yet rarely visited countryside of Japan
– Encounter wonderful traditions and culture that should never be lost
– Meet many people living lives that may seem unusual to you
– We offer a story (journey) that you will talk about for the rest of your life

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It was fun and relaxing. Eating inside the igloo, being surrounded by snowy mountains, and lodging in a traditional ryokan that has beautiful onsen and architecture.

Snow Igloo Festival
Extremely good, I am very happy! Private Rotenburo, Ryokan, Snow were the best!

Snow Igloo Festival
It was really fantastic, I had a lot of fun. I had never been to Nagashima before and it seemed like a good way to explore somewhere new. I like the cruise and hot springs the best.

Nagashima Island Tour

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